Rice Husk Siding, Cladding, and Decking
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The natural look and feel of precious wood with 100% water resistance.

Rice hull 'lumber' upcycles a plant material that’s already harvested and ready to use. Every year, rice processors leave 100 million metric tons of hulls behind. Rice hulls are a natural wonder of waterproof strength and durability, serving as hard, protective coverings for the tender grains inside. Thanks to their silica content, rice hulls are resistant to water, weather, rot, and pests.

The material does not fade, can be processed like wood and is also economically superior to many materials due to its durability and ease of care. It's a viable alternative to wood especially in wet areas such as spas, terraces and pool areas, furniture, garden and facade constructions. Apart from its high-quality appearance, these products are non-slip and resistant to chlorine water and salt water  

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