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The Eclectic Vibe of Bozeman
Posted on April 21, 2022 @ 3:02AM

New to Bozeman?  Five quick tips:

Check out the Museum of the Rockies.   The famous dinosaur man Jack Horner actually works know that little movie called Jurassic Park?  Yep….that's him. Dinosaur skeletons, fossils, bones!  It's impressive!

What puts the cool in Bozeman?  Cactus Records.  This ever evolving locally owned record store is Full of CDs, novelty gifts, vinyl records, music apparel, posters, and concert tickets. Music lovers will lose themselves.

If you have been here very long you know where it is… If you're new to the area look east towards Bozeman Pass and look up and tell me if you see the ‘frog’ in the mountains.   

The Rockin R Bar located in historic downtown Bozeman.   Its logo is an iconic symbol of Bozeman laid-back welcoming culture and Montana State University's bobcat spirit.   

Sweet Pea Festival “ committed to its mission statement of promoting and cultivating the arts”.  Live music,  Shakespeare in the park children's activities,  adult painting workshops and really great food. Each year an art contest is held. The board of directors selects one piece that adorns the posters and shirts around town. Personally my favorite event at sweet pea is the children's run.   Main Street is cleared- nothing cuter than several thousand children madly running towards the finish line.

Author: Noelle Child

Native to Montana, Noelle has always loved art and design. At a young age, she was consumed with creating something from nothing. She attended Montana State University and The Art Institute of Seattle - and traveled abroad to Indonesia, China, and South Africa to study design. In her studies, she gained a great appreciation for the beauty and history of many cultures, which has further inspired her work. With over two decades of experience in residential and commercial design she is currently based out of our Bozeman studio. Noelle’s skills include managing all facets of residential projects from conception to installation. She has experience with high design, custom furniture, lighting, art, rugs and more. Noelle is passionate about building relationships with clients and helping them express their characters.