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Undecorating in Montana
Posted on April 21, 2022 @ 3:02AM

Recently I purchased an old home in Bozeman, Montana.  The neighborhood is fabulous, blocks from Montana State University,  Old trees, screened in porches and cracked sidewalks make this the most charming and sought after part of the city.   I did what I could afford and bought the most run down home within a two mile radius of the university.  I could see the potential. Now my journey begins.

My plan is to avoid turning the home into something unrecognizable.  The past is important and should inform what an old building becomes so it is important that I be true to the bare bones of the home. I will be adding new doors and windows where there are previous signs of them.  I'm seeking out environmentally friendly materials to sturdy up the structure.    This is important as technology has come brought us a long way.  Upcycling, rescue, repair, reuse and rethink are the guiding principles of my version of recycling. I continually track down abandoned unwanted objects from old wooden crates to forgotten farm building braces and give them a new lease on life.  I see what what many people would call trash as rich raw material with a story. 

I would like to see this home standing for another hundred years.  Inside I plan to un-decorate.  I do not have to add to improve - sometimes it's better to take away.  I'm hoping to discover some history by peeling back layers of wallpaper and paint. I'm hoping I can get a glimpse of what my house has been through before I came along. I will be embarking on a voyage of discovery, and most likely a few headaches  There's always a surprise when you un-decorate. Down the road I'm hoping to incorporate my treasures uniquely and responsibly.  For now... The walls and roof are telling me.  

Author: Noelle Child

Native to Montana, Noelle has always loved art and design. At a young age, she was consumed with creating something from nothing. She attended Montana State University and The Art Institute of Seattle - and traveled abroad to Indonesia, China, and South Africa to study design. In her studies, she gained a great appreciation for the beauty and history of many cultures, which has further inspired her work. With over two decades of experience in residential and commercial design she is currently based out of our Bozeman studio. Noelle’s skills include managing all facets of residential projects from conception to installation. She has experience with high design, custom furniture, lighting, art, rugs and more. Noelle is passionate about building relationships with clients and helping them express their characters.