Affordable Simplicity

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The objective here is maximization of living area within an affordable budget.  The building form achieves optimal passivhaus efficiency, with abundant south facing, properly shaded glass and a rectangular shape oriented on the east-west axis.  Four generous bedrooms, two and a half baths, and an open main level plan are all accommodated on three levels within an overall building footprint that is merely thirty-two feet long and twenty-two feet deep.

Three conceptual options consider different roof forms covering similar plan configurations - a mono-pitch roof, and a more traditional simple gable.  In the concept with the gable roof, the building stands slightly elevated off the ground plane on a masonry base that visually 'anchors' it.   The primary exterior wall material above the masonry under consideration now is acrylic stucco (EIFS).  The 'chimney' form on the roof is a symbolic element that functions to house all the roof penetrations.

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