Cancer Care Wellness Center

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Passivhaus Multipurpose Building - Conceptual Design Video
This wellness center, proposed to occupy a site adjacent to Cancer Care Northwest, is the proactive and visionary response of a family member of a woman who lost her life to cancer.   Her surviving sister is on a quest to holistically improve the experiences and outcomes of others who will be undergoing treatment for various forms of cancer

The concept for the 6350 square foot center is organized around a large space divisible into two sections for flexibility in programming that will include classes for activities such as yoga and martial arts training. Support spaces will include an administrative and counseling office, massage rooms, shower rooms, restrooms, and a partial basement for equipment and furniture storage as well as mechanical equipment. An enclosed courtyard sits adjacent to a small juice bar and health food deli. Container beds for organic gardening are distributed across the site, and there is an outbuilding to support that activity, as well as a large storage facility intended to be shared by the wellness center and Cancer Care Northwest. Cancer Care Northwest has donated the land to the project, which already has the parking lot in place.

The project will be certified by the Passive House Institute U. S. and certified LEED Platinum by the U.S. Green Building Counsel. It will generate most of the power required for its own operation and will harvest rainwater to support the gardening operations.

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