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Our design process typically moves through seven distinct phases. The first phase is Research. The next is Conceptual Design. These videos are representative of the level of visualization we utilize through this early stage of work. All of our work is modeled in three dimensions, always in the context of a accurate three dimensional site model. Throughout the design process, we are evaluating and refining our work in this virtual reality, which is invaluable for many reasons - beginning with the fact that there is no substitute for clearly seeing the work. In fact, we can put you in a VR (Virtual Reality) headset and you can experience the project there!

Because we model the site and architecture together, our projects feel integrated to the land they rise out of, and they are generally more economical to build because they work with the land rather than against it. During the design process, we model all components of the project, effectively building everything virtually in the studio before it is built physically in the world. This leads to well coordinated, detailed, and complete technical working drawings that help the builder save you time and money throughout the construction process.

As design advances, we develop the materials and lighting for the interiors, using videos like these to see the actual materials represented accurately in the spaces in various lighting conditions. The furniture and artwork we include represents the actual inventory of items the client anticipates living with. The entire process is curated for our clients from beginning to end - we address everything from the landscape to the cabinetry hardware.

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