Plumbing Leak Monitors
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Your pressurized plumbing system poses a constant potential threat.

According to Travelers Insurance claim data from 2009-2016, more property losses resulted from non-weather water claims (20%) than weather-related water claims (11%)*. Non-weather water claims can involve plumbing-related losses, such as pipes, drains and valves, as well as appliance issues.

Water leak detectors can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs. That's because a water leak detector can tell you—and possibly stop—a potentially catastrophic problem before it gets out of hand.  A water leak detector can sense when a toilet, hot water heater, or sink is dripping on the floor, and send you a notification on your smartphone. Others also have temperature sensors to alert you if a pipe is frozen, which could also lead to a leak. More sophisticated models can actually monitor the flow of water through your pipes to detect leaks, recommend ways in which you can use less water, and even automatically shut off your main water line if there's a major problem.

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