Recycled Glass Insulation
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Versatile products with multiple applications: building insulation, green roofs, bulk fill, frost heave insulation, and embankments.

Thermally insulating, load-bearing bulk aggregate made from 100% recycled glass

Ultra-Lightweight Foamed Glass Aggregates are produced from 100% post-consumer recycled glass. 

The aggregates have a highly frictional surface and combined with a low unit weight, inertness, high permeability, and insulating properties, foamed glass aggregate is ideal as a lightweight backfill.

The AeroAdvantage is the weight and strength of UL-FGA. AeroAggregates are 85-90% lighter than quarried aggregates, have a high friction angle, and are good insulators due to their closed cell structure.

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation is a lightweight, rigid, and durable material composed of completely sealed glass cells. It's non-combustible, provides superior compressive strength, moisture resistance, dimensional stability, and offers long lasting thermal performance. A wide range of shapes and sizes are available for building, equipment and industrial specifications.

Owens Corning® FOAMGLAS® T3+ cellular glass insulation is a closed cell, high performance, rigid foam board specifically designed for building and roofing applications. It provides performance that is unachievable with any other building insulation.


Knauff EcoBatt insulation combines sand, one of the world’s most abundant and renewable resources, post-consumer recycled bottle glass, and ECOSE Technology.

• Made primarily from sand, one of the world’s most abundant and renewable resources
• Lower embodied energy than our traditional batts
• Rapidly renewable binder eliminates petroleum-based chemicals
• Contains no phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colors
• High Recycled Content — contains a minimum of 61.9% post-consumer recycled content
• Thermally Efficient — excellent insulating value
• Acoustical Performance”


“We love the fact that we’re taking something of little or no value and turning it into a product that’s good for the planet and an amazing alternative to a petroleum-based product that’s laden with lots of chemicals, and do some good.”

- Rob Conboy, CEO Glavel

“... You’re taking recycled glass and upcycling it into an insulation product for buildings. It’s one of the few products that has this magical, virtuous cycle — how we can build and not just minimize our impact but have a positive impact.”

-Ken Levenson, COO 475 High Performance Building Supply

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