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By providing consistent, continually updated, quickly accessed research resources, material databases can ensure that all collaborators have access to the most up-to-date material information. To create healthy, durable buildings, designers need reliable access to unbiased, comprehensive and accurate material information.

The mindful MATERIALS Library is a multi-stakeholder initiative developed by the building industry, for the building industry. It provides a common platform to access and clearly communicate transparency and optimization information for building products. mindful MATERIALS is not a certification program; it is a brand-agnostic material library, which allows project teams and industry professionals to search for a multitude of relevant, qualified products.

Origin is the world's most collaborative material data hub, through which building material data flows from Manufacturers and Reporting Bodies to project teams. Origin connects directly to data providers, capturing digitized material information. Test results, performance data, images and documentation flow thru Origin to public and private digital material libraries, design software and project calculators. Through Origin, material information becomes usable throughout the design and construction process to streamline and support performance-driven design.

Matter is Material Management software that helps designers and owners increase building material sourcing intelligence and streamline material management efforts. Matter redefines how building material knowledge is tracked, from design through operations, enabling material selections to become more intelligent with every project.

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