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Insulated, recirculating hot water distribution offers virtually immediate delivery. Pair this with an optimal means of heating the water, and you have a far superior system in every way - potentially recovering both energy and water 'going down the drain' for reuse.

With an easy installation by any plumber, ZYPHO® offers shower drain heat recovery systems leading to energy savings and reducing carbon footprint, without compromising the aesthetics of your space.

ZYPHO transfers heat from the shower’s wastewater (40º) to the incoming cold mains (10º) supply. This preheated water (up to 31º) is then directed to either the shower mixer, the water heater or, preferably both - reducing energy consumption from 30% to 67% - Improving Energy Efficiency. Every three showers, two are for free.

Upgrade the shower experience by reusing the energy going down the drain.

Hot water is the third most energy intense component of most homes and buildings, after heating and cooling the interior spaces. In milder climates or times of year, it is the number one energy demand. Hot water is expensive economically and environmentally, but there are ways to dramatically improve on both fronts - while enhancing user experience.

Design a distribution system that delivers hot water right away - and keeps on delivering it. Heat the water with technology that is three times more efficient. And reuse both the energy and the water going down the drain.

If you don't like the idea of wasting water, consider a hot water recirculating system. The principle is simple: A recirculating pump installed in the plumbing lines creates a loop that slowly and constantly circulates the water in the hot water pipes back into the water heater for reheating. This means that as soon as you open a faucet or shower, warm water is already present in those pipes, so you don't waste water waiting for it to heat up.

The Proterra water heater is four times more efficient than a standard electric tank.

The use of an greywater filtration system can save the average family of four up to 40,000 gallons of water per year. This is achieved by using the greywater that normally flows right back down your drain or sewer to safely irrigate your plants and yard.

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