Revitalization of the Bozeman Cannery Yellowstone Parkitecture Genius in Bozeman and Big Sky
Revitalization of the Bozeman Cannery
As a designer my days are filled with thoughtful, interesting, and talented people.  I am often left speechless, wondering "Who in the heck thought up this one!" Did you know that in 1912, the Gallatin Valley was known as the ‘Pea Capital of the Nation,” producing 75% of the nation’s crop? The Bozeman Canning Company was opened in the summer of 1917, canning peas, beans, and meat. Between 3,000 and Read More →
Yellowstone Parkitecture
Today I learned a new term. . . 'Parkitecture'.  Yellowstone National Park is located a mere 45 miles from Bozeman and just 15 miles from Big Sky, Montana. We often forget how lucky we are to sit in proximity to such beauty and natural wonder.  Old Faithful Inn is quite possibly the biggest and best example of Parkitecture.   In the winter of 1903 - 1904, just 40 laborers built the Robert Reamers mas Read More →
Genius in Bozeman and Big Sky
As a designer, I'm always seeking creative, inspirational, one of a kind artists to work with. Sophistication, craftsmanship, and beautiful details are all found locally right here in Bozeman Montana.  Here are just a few choice examples: Integrity builders  Michael advocates utilizing reclaimed resources, and thrives on one-of-a-kind pieces.  Fine furniture, doors, cabinetry... If you can explain Read More →
Paradise for Designers
Located between Bozeman and Big Sky Montana you will find Earth Elements... a paradise for designers. The Earth Elements Design Centers feature the finest in home finishes including slab, tile & stone, wood flooring, bath and kitchen fixtures, door hardware, appliances, lighting, and cabinetry - all housed under one roof.  Interactive showroom installations showcase the latest trends in cabinets, countertops, pl Read More →
200 Years... Going on 300
Hundreds of years in the forest... another 100 years as a barn.  Now, preparing for another century of life.  As I traveled through Bozeman, Montana on my way to Big Sky, I stopped to snap some images of these beautiful timbers being unloaded on a sunny afternoon.   Their past life included being transformed from timber on the property to a turn-of-the-century barn in eastern Montana.   No Read More →
Design Rules Worth Breaking
"To create, one must first question everything."~ Eileen Gray As my creative minds wanders, I'm always asking myself "What if..."?    I'm constantly pushing the boundaries of Interior Design 101.  Designing in Big Sky and Bozeman makes it easier to step outside norms as so often, these projects are vacation homes and clients enjoy stepping a bit outside their comfort zone. Here are half a dozen e Read More →
The Eclectic Vibe of Bozeman
New to Bozeman?  Five quick tips: Check out the Museum of the Rockies.   The famous dinosaur man Jack Horner actually works know that little movie called Jurassic Park?  Yep….that's him. Dinosaur skeletons, fossils, bones!  It's impressive! What puts the cool in Bozeman?  Cactus Records.  This ever evolving locally owned record store is Full of CDs, novelty gifts, vinyl r Read More →
'Mountain Modern'
'Mountain Modern' has become the most asked for design character in Big Sky and Bozeman.   This 'style' is favored by designers and homeowners that want clean shapes with natural elements.  Open floor plans, use of local materials, exposed craftsmanship, pleasing color palettes and low maintenance landscaping are all timeless features that make for easy living in the mountains.  Here are my top 5 Read More →
Undecorating in Montana
Recently I purchased an old home in Bozeman, Montana.  The neighborhood is fabulous, blocks from Montana State University,  Old trees, screened in porches and cracked sidewalks make this the most charming and sought after part of the city.   I did what I could afford and bought the most run down home within a two mile radius of the university.  I could see the potential. Now my journey begins. My Read More →
How Interior Design and Color Influences Happiness
I live in Bozeman, Montanta, and prior to this, was in Big Sky, Montana for 15 years. These are a wonderful places to live.  In Big Sky, the schools are small, people are friendly. With only 2000 permanent residents,  I found Big Sky an Idyllic place to live.    Shortly after moving there I learned that Big Sky has only three seasons: Ski Season Fishing Season Mud Season Ski season, fish Read More →
How to 'Become a Local' in Big Sky
I moved to Big Sky, Montana from Seattle, Washington in 1999.     I grew up in Montana but was happy living in the city and didn't think I would be returning     My career was taking off. I was working for a great architecture firm in the city - everything was happening for me…. I was ‘adulting’.    Then I had my first child, Harry.    Everything took a backseat to him. Read More →
Dog Town
One of the coolest things about Bozeman, Montana is the level of affection the community shares for dogs. On almost every block in downtown Bozeman, you will find bowls of water for dogs.  Many businesses have dogs in their stores.  Many owners allow employees to bring their dogs to work.     I am a dog lover!  You can't do much better than a dog for security, protection, and companionship. Read More →
Montana Architecture Firm
We have opened an office in Bozeman, Montana, to serve the southwestern Montana region and beyond. With active projects ranging from western Oregon and Washington to western Montana, we are delighted to be working across a broad spectrum of the natural wonders of the American Northwest. As an architecture firm, we have learned that we can work effectively as a team across any distances with the benefit of modern c Read More →